Music Playback Toolkit for Live Events

Stingtk has been designed from the ground up to allow easy playback of both walk-up stings and background music from within a single app. Integrating directly with your device's music library, Stingtk lets you choose an existing playlist to use for background music as well as loading 5 individual tracks to play instantly as stings on cue, automatically pausing the background music when appropriate. Setting a start cue point within these stings is as easy as touching the waveform.

Great for Comedy Nights, Conferences, Product Launches, Awards Shows and many more.

The workflow of the app has undergone much development and extensive real world testing for many years before being launched to the market.

This first mobile edition has been primarily designed for iPod Touch and iPhone. We recommend enabling airplane mode and flicking the mute switch on, neither of which will silence your music, and will allow your show to run without the worry of a text message ruining your show’s big moment.

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